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WATCH this motivational video for parents and teachers: a parent's perspective about first impressions of teachers as retold in
Rhonda's Version of The Three Bears.


Welcome to Parent University (PU). You will find resources to help you enhance your student's educational and your personal skill level.

  • Most of the educational links are interactive so that your students can engage in learning activities.
  • There is also information to increase personal skills for parents, including remedial resources to assist those seeking a GED or Interview Skills for jobs.
  • A list of educational apps is included, too.

Kids Having a Hard TIme Learning Multiplication ?

Try TIMEZ ATTACK (A Must Have Resource) at . You will see a message that says that they can no longer serve home users, but click the following link to download the Timez Attack game:

This is an absolutely FREE version available. Students love it. This is such a fun way to learn your multiplications while playing this game.

Teachers, Students, and Parents:

Looking for resources, try Discovery Education. There are plenty of resources available without logging into the site.

Can't remember what the teacher said when she explained that math,

algebra, or geometry problem? (Kids will say, "Mom, now I've got it.")

If no, Watch videos: (Fantastic Videos for Math-All Kinds)

Having a Hard TIme Remembering Facts for a Test?

Try This is a great site. This site provides free activities for you to view, but I like the paid
subscription where I input all of my student's information for tests, including foreign language vocabulary.
Students learn fast and easy. It is only $49 a year, but it is worth it for your child-less than $1.00 a week.
There is a free 30-day trial. It is used weekly and sometimes daily in my house. My daughter loves it.

ITUNES ( is a lot more than music. You need to check this out for the excellent free resources.
There are tutorials on a variety of subject areas. Don't forget to look at ITUNES U, a great section. EPLORE.

Looking for A Variety of Interactive Websites, go here, too.

Interactive Educational Websites

Art and Music

Language and Writing SITE-Middle/High School) (SUPER Elementary Language SITE) (Mr. Anker Tests-Elementary-WOWEE!!) (FREE eBOOKS) (FREE eBOOKS)

Math (Purchase One time Daily,Weekly, or Monthly Subscription as needed)[[|/]],ALL,ALL,ALL/

Reading - Reading
// (Absolutely Wonderful)\

Science - Science k/

Science Fair Projects

Social Studies - Social Studies]

Physical Education

Basic Computer Skills

Typing Tutorials

Sample Letters your letter and Click Download Now. Click Continue.
Click Download Now. Click Save. Rename the file name so that it is the same as the Microsoft letter name. Once you do your
first download, options will change. The next time you will click Download Now for the next two screens. Rename the file name
to the name of the letter. Click SAVE.)

Interview Skills (GED Connection, Workplace Essentials, TV 411)

Eucational Apps (iPod, iPhone or iPad)

  1. ABC Tracing
  2. ABC Phonics
  3. Tot Cards
  4. Coloring
  5. Alphababy
  6. ABC Touch
  7. Sight Touch
  8. Tap to Talk
  9. Dictionary
  10. Multiply Wiz
  11. Math Blaster
  12. Science Radio
  13. Undersea Math
  14. Planets
  15. Hello Kitty
  16. Molecules
  17. HMH Fuse Geometry
  18. Workout
  19. Free Fitness
  20. Lose It

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